The mission of Lovelogical-DNA NOT REQUIRED® is to celebrate and educate people who have wonderfully created non-biological families. This is inclusive of our pets, who are forever our babies. Lovelogical® is a positive concept to replace the terms of adopted, blended, extended, foster, and for pets found in a loving and logical way.   



Michelle L. Anderson, Founder and Owner of Lovelogical/Lovelogical Pets– DNA NOT REQUIRED®, has spent most of her years embracing the community-oriented heart she was born with.  


This mother of 2 biological adult children has always had a special place in her heart to aide in the advancement of youth. This desire started as a child when her parents opened their family home to foster children. 


In high school, inspired by a magazine article, Michelle started one of the first adopt-a-grandparent programs in the city of Detroit. Teens were paired with “grandparents” in need of family at a local Detroit nursing home.  This was only the beginning.  


To continue this legacy, Anderson started mentoring at risk youth in her mid-20’s.  Relationships with one of her “daughters” has spanned over 25 years. Other children have been “family” for 10+ years from their mentee birth date.  So many milestones and accomplishments have cultivated as the result of these unions.  


During her many years of mentoring and “mothering”, Ms. Anderson has dressed Lovelogical children to take them to high-end community events; introduced youth to the arts; promoted events to display youths musical, spoken word, and dance talents; assisted in the exploration of and enjoyment of various cultures and religions; taught history through museum tours; organized trips to explore new cities; and encouraged youth to perform at homeless shelters for others in need of joy.  


The creation of Lovelogical® was a gift from God, therefore was a logical step to bring awareness to the love of non-biological family members – DNA NOT REQUIRED® inclusive of their pets, via Lovelogical Pets™️!


Michelle L. Anderson IS Lovelogical® in all she has done from being born into a blended family to every breath she has taken since! The majority of these years, she has had a dog right on her lap too!


Speaking engagements inquiries can be forwarded to mlanderson@lovelogical.com.