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You CAN choose your family!


Adoption          Blended

Extended                  Foster

Gay Family

Just about every person in the world has at least one Lovelogical family relationship in their lives. 


Many of these bonds begin shortly after birth, while others connect off and on throughout life. Just like biological relatives!

The “My Family Is?” survey verified you have several people who occupy a place in your heart. You love them so much; it is as if they share your heartbeat. This is even though there are no biological traits (no blood ties) to connect you.  The strong connections are based on mutual positive feelings of love; family love; Lovelogical® love; DNA NOT REQUIRED® L-O-V-E! 

Lovelogical families are characterized in six categories: 1. Adoption; 2. Blended; 3. Extended; 4. Foster;

5. Business; 6. Pets

Which Lovelogical(s) lives within you?

  • A child who has grown up in your home and/or heart.

  • A parent who raised you with unconditional love and endless patience.

  • A spouse/significant other who has raised your child as if a birth parent.

  • A friend who is as close as, or closer than, your sibling(s) or other relatives. 

  • A business owner who treats the staff and customers "like" family. 

  • A family who has adopted, fostered, or found a pet who is forever their baby. 

Many of you are all of the above! Now just think if we can all treat each other with the mutual love and respect of a beloved family member. The world would be a much better and peaceful place to live in if we see family as DNA NOT REQUIRED® 

Help our Lovelogical movement by:

  • Not using labels of adopted or foster in front of your child(ren). 

  • Not calling a great parent "STEP", because no one is stepping on anyone in a Lovelogical home. 

  • Respecting biological parents when in the same location as a the blended parent by calling them Lovelogical. This gives both parents heartfelt recognition. Ex. This is my mom/dad and my Lovelogical mom/dad.

Let's be the change in the world, one Lovelogical heart at a time. One world. One family. DNA NOT REQUIRED®!