Angels On Earth!

How many of you go shopping during the holidays and find yourself unexpectedly helping others shop? Let me give you an example, which inspired this story.

A few weeks ago, I was in Costco with my daughter looking for a winter coat. While looking at coats I noticed a couple looking at the same coats. We all appeared to be searching for different sizes, but not finding what we wanted.

Being short, I do have an advantage sometimes. On this day my advantage was a clear view of many coats tucked in the middle of the racks. This led to more choices and sizes. In this hidden rack, I found the perfect size and color for my daughter. Anyone who knows me can guess, I asked the couple what sizes and colors they were seeking as well.

When they shared they were buying over 30 coats for children at Madison Academy in Flint, MI. I found myself intrigued. As I helped them search for sizes and colors, I found the coats were for children from Kindergarten to 12th grade. This wonderful couple is Matt and Carol Underwood.

I asked for the name of their organization. Surprisingly, there was not an organization involved. Matt and Carol started this on their own 10-15 years ago. What started as an opportunity to make a difference has grown over time.

After the first year, friends and family started donating funds to help with their holiday giving. Over time, coats received had matching hats and gloves. Matt wanted to add fun to the giving, so he includes a big candy bar for each recipient.

Once we found all of the sizes and colors they were looking for. Matt and Carol shared Costco was only one store they were shopping at that day. They had many more stores and coats to pick up to satisfy the holiday wishes of many children needing coats, hat, and gloves to keep them warm.

Matt and Carol Underwood are Angels on Earth. They provide happiness for others without the news or press, without a tax return, a non-profit status. Nothing. They are a husband and wife who wanted to help their community and they did. The family and friends who donate are Angels not looking for a receipt, they are helping their other Angels help more and more children every year...Just Because. This is wonderful!

Just think how many of these children have received coats from Mr. and Mrs. Underwood and have no idea who they are! However, their giving will inspire many of these children to grow and replicate their actions of giving to others silently from love.

How many of you are or know Angels on Earth? People who help others just for the satisfaction of doing so. Angels where recognition is not needed, because satisfaction comes from within. People who know we are all of one world and need each other to succeed.

Please share photos and stories about other Angels on Earth you just happened to run into while they were fulfilling a holiday need. People like Matt and Carol Underwood, who know the true meaning of selflessness and Lovelogical Family-DNA NOT REQUIRED®!

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