Instilled With Lovelogical®

I, Michelle L. Anderson, a proud Detroiter,

was born into a blended (Lovelogical®) family. My mother, Phyllis, had 4 children,ages 8-12, from a previous marriage. My father, Lonnie, fell in love with my mother and raised my siblings with the same fatherly love given to me.

I did not even realize my daddy was not my siblings’ biological father until I was about 7 or 8. I found out from overhearing a conversation and asked questions. My mother informed me we were brother and sister rather we shared a biological father or not. We all came from her so, we were not half of anything. Her words, "There is no damn body stepping on anyone in our house."

The look in my mother’s eyes instilled her lesson within me. That lesson has stuck and remained a part of who I am today. Little did I know this would be my first experience with the concept of Lovelogical. My home, my family, was a Lovelogical union.

My family was filled with problems and issues just like other families. We had a high abundance of love too. When my siblings reached adulthood and moved out of the house my mother decided to utilize the space to help others.

At first, she opened a licensed day care center. The kids were treated like her own. Not just children she was watching for their parents. I recall my mother finding out one of the day care kids was being taken away from her parents. Somehow this encouraged my mother to start the process of opening our home to foster children.

Through the years, we had many children from the fostering system join our household. Some stayed for a brief period of time. Others long enough to learn life lessons that stayed within them and passed on to their children. I even watched my mother open her heart and home to mentor a few of the children's biological mothers too! Yes, my mother was amazing.

There are so many stories to share regarding the Lovelogical unions experienced in our household. Some stories were joyful and others sad. Either way, many children's lives changed through the love received within my parents’ home and my mother’s arms.

There have been so many aspects of Lovelogical in my life from birth to present day. I look forward to sharing these stories with you in this blog. I also can’t wait to hear and share many of yours too.

Share with us:

  • How are you a part of a Lovelogical family?

  • How has your Lovelogical family helped you become the man or woman you are today?

  • Your (Lovelogical) adoption, blending, extending or fostering family stories with us.

  • How did you become a foster (Lovelogical) parent?

  • Tell us about your Lovelogical Pets™too!

Don't forget to send pictures and videos too. I want to see and share your stories with families with hearts just like ours.

Send your stories, photos, and videos to

Welcome to our Lovelogical Family – DNA NOT REQUIRED®!

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