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Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Me and Markela Janel and Coco

Senior Picture First month together

Cass Tech Class of '84 Where did the time go?

Lovelogical family extends to ALL of the non-biological relationships loved within your heartbeat. In many homes this includes pets!

How many of us view our pets as special members of the family? I definitely know I have throughout my life and do to this very day.

This is the reason why Lovelogical Pets® has been born! We have chosen to celebrate the special members of the family that provide unconditional love in exchange for nothing but our human love and attention.

My mother believed pets teach children responsibility and unselfish unconditional love. As the result, we had many petS during my childhood. Let’s see…of course, we had dogS. I needed capital S's there were so many! We had a cat, guinea pigs, gerbils, fish, hamsters, rabbits, and a neighborhood squirrel that came to eat off our back porch regularly. So many lessons learned.

However, out of all of the pets I have had in my lifetime, none could provide the unconditional love given to me by my dogs. This is why I want to share what made my most memorable dogs a special Lovelogical®part of me.

My first pet was a German Shepherd by the name of Rex. Anyone familiar with this breed knows they are smart and protective. German Shepherds also love love love children. Rex was the guardian of the backyard. He would make sure none of my mom’s daycare/fostering children would get too close to the gate. This was done by gently corralling the little ones away from the gate entrance/exit. I can close my eyes right now and see him sitting strong and proud in front of the gate assuring everyone’s safety.

My very best friend as a child was my silver miniature poodle, Tokar. She was by my side at all times, whenever I was home. We were inseparable.

During early childhood I had a speech impediment. Being a voracious reader my speech therapist had me read out loud to practice enunciating my words. Tokar was always front and center, my captive audience. She attentively listened as I read books to her from Green Eggs and Ham to the famous adolescent book Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret.

As I grew our taste progressed to Harlequin Romance Novels, Donald Goines books and any books left around in the house. Tokar always sat and listened like she truly enjoyed the stories. I credit her for my love of public speaking today.

Throughout the years, I have had many other dogs, Each special in their own way.

There were Chihuahuas, Peabo and Markela, who liked to dance and sing. Markela actually saved me from a man who tried to grab me when pregnant with my son. I don't know why, but I fought while my Markela kept biting him until he gave up and let me go. She was my pet-she-ro.

Keda (yes the name is similar), our beautiful white miniature poodle with green eyes, was my kids’ first dog. She was my son’s babe magnet and best friend. Keda later became my daughter’s protector and play toy as she grew.

Oh I must mention, Keda was a self taught circus dog. She did tricks from the age of a few months. Tricks no one ever taught her! She was naturally amazing!

Now we have our rescue dog, Coco. She is a beautiful black Affenpinscher Yorkie – 6 pounds of dynamite is what call her. Coco is my daughter’s best friend. However, Coco demands her mom time with me! She is spoiled beyond belief.

Now get this, Coco wore diapers and liked wearing them for her first year of potty training training. Most of that year was just because she actually liked wearing them! Our baby was also my final realization that Lovelogical® extends to her too.

Coco is the inspiration for Lovelogical hoodies launching in January 2022! She has her own Lovelogical – DNA NOT REQUIRED® shirt wears with pride. It is not the high quality shirt we are launching in January. That one I am sure she will be proud to model for you.

Lovelogical Pets™ has launched our new Signature Collection Boutique Brand of collars, leashes, and bandanas for Black Friday 2021! Our high quality products are being sold, via presale, online right now.

Get this, each Lovelogical Pets™Signature Collection collar or leash pre-ordered will come with a matching bandana! As a thank you for your patience, on Cyber Monday, November 29, 2021, we are mailing each purchaser a special Free gift too. Should you purchase $50.00 or more you will receive free shipping using code PATIENT50.

In December, Lovelogical Pets™ will be collaborating with a well known local photographer to celebrate the family member who sits on your lap for petting and lowers your blood pressure. The family member who shares joy and tears with you, while listening to your secrets. (and keeps them too!)

Yes, we are seeking a location for your Pets family (that is you) holiday pictures. December is our official Lovelogical Pets™ month! We are celebrating the family canine that has loved many hearts to Lovelogical®.

Don’t feel left out! Share your Lovelogical Pets™ story and family pictures at!

We would love to have you join our Lovelogical Pets™ contact list. Anyone who joins will receive early review and pre-order opportunities for new Lovelogical Pets™ designs. You will also have input on some future products and designs.

Just because you read this entire blog I know a secret.... You are already Family-DNA NOT REQUIRED!

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