The Origin of Lovelogical®

Lovelogical® is an original term created by its founder Michelle L. Anderson.

The term was inspired by a question from her non-biological grandson, Joshua Burks. Joshua asked how Michelle was his grandmother if she did not give birth to his mother? Of course, Michelle explained his mom became a part of her life as a young teen mentee. Michelle treated and loved his mom like her own from the day they met.

The next morning, Michelle woke with the word Lovelogical being spoken outwardly from her lips. Liking the term, she wrote it down and called Joshua to tell him she was his Lovelogical® grandmother and would always be.

Michelle realized everything about her life and heart IS truly Lovelogical.

She was born into a blended family. As Michelle grew, she watched her mother run a daycare within their home, while mentoring the single mothers. Being the youngest of 5, she proudly became big sister to children her parents fostered in their home. As an older teen, Michelle experienced her parents start an adoption, but unable to complete the process due to her mom succumbing to cancer. Michelle has lived a Lovelogical life in many way since. To this day she continues to love her first mentee, Joshua's mother, for over 30 years.

Within a few weeks of being given Michelle's term was defined and trademarked as:

Lovelogical®: Non-biological relationships equal to or greater than those of a biological nature. DNA NOT REQUIRED®! (Yes, DNA NOT REQUIRED® was trademarked too!)

Why, because it is important wording to define how we should all see and treat each other in the world. Especially, those who have non-biologically come into our homes and settled via love in our hearts through adoption, blending of families, extended friendships, and/or fostering.

Michelle's dream is for Lovelogical® to become a movement of love for all humans to understand...We are ALL FAMILY - Biological by Nature. Lovelogical® by Choice!


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