This FAMILY DNA NOT REQUIRED® Dog Tag and necklace is a unisex fashion statement to enhance your wardrobe, while letting the world know you have a Lovelogical® heart and understand that family is truly biological by nature and Lovelogical by choice.


Lovelogical is defined as: Non-biological relationships equal to or lovingly surpassing those of a biological nature. DNA NOT REQUIRED®!


Who is Lovelogical®? Families of adoption, blending, extending, and fostering.  Go to our Family page and take the test to find out how Lovelogical® applies to you!


Stainless Steel Family DNA NOT REQUIRED® Dog Tag w/link chain

  • Stainless Steel Polished Rounded Edge 2mm Thick Dog Tag Necklaces: 

    316L Stainless Steel is the material used in Chisel jewelry. 'L' stands for low carbon. 316L is used to avoid corrosion problems caused by welding and does not develop surface rust. Item comes in a stylish grey felt fabric box. Personalization is available for an additional fee.

    Product Information

    Material: Stainless Steel

    Finish: Polished

    Chain Length: 24 in

    Charm Length: 58.34 mm

    Charm Width: 28.78mm